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Medicare Supplement Plan G 2017

Before you purchase any of the supplemental plans that Medicare is offering, you should look at all of what is available and examine how much coverage they are offering you. Let’s take a look at Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2017. This plan offers a ton of coverage, and it tends to be the most cost effective plan for its coverage.

Is Plan G The Best?

Medicare Supplement Plan G 2017Plan G ranks second on total coverage out of all of Medicare’s supplement plans. Only Plan F can offer more coverage. The items that Plan covers are extensive. They include full coverage for nursing care. This would have to be care that is administered at approved facilities, as not every nursing facility accepts Medicare. Like with any Medicare supplement plan, coverage only applies to those healthcare centers that are partner with Medicare.

Plan G will also take care of three pints of blood every year. That is in addition to the blood that Medicare basic already covers. Medicare basic is required for all supplemental plans, as they are intended to work in conjunction with the base plan.

You will also enjoy coverage for Medicare Part B excess charges. This is not one of the large medical expenses, nor is it very common. Most of what is included in basic Medicare and in supplemental Plan G will take care of most Medicare Part B expenses. But the additional coverage can come in handy.



compare medicare supplement plans 2017



What Plan G Covers

Further coverage from Plan G will take care of a large portion of emergency medical care in countries outside the US. Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2017 will not cover all emergency medical care in foreign countries, but it does cover up to 80% of it and as much as $50,000. You will need to pay this item’s deductible before you can receive any coverage for it, however. If that sounds like a lot of restrictions on a coverage item, you should know that even Plan F doesn’t offer more coverage than that for foreign medical care.

With Plan G, you will also receive coverage for hospice care (which may be called Medicare Part A coinsurance). This coverage lasts up to 365 days throughout the lifetime of the plan, and it covers more of the hospice care on top of what basic Medicare provides.

Plan G will also take care of your Medicare Part A deductible and parts A and B co-payments. There isn’t a lot that this plan will leave for you to cover on your own, which makes it perfectly suited to people who have major medical expenses and serious medical conditions. In fact the only thing you will have to pay towards any Medicare-approved expenses is the annual Part B deductible. This is $183 for 2017. If you aren’t getting enough coverage from your current plan, you should look into Plan G.

Medicare Supplement Plan G for 2017 can be the smart choice for people needing extensive coverage. Look at your options before you commit to a plan, but if Plan F appeals to you, give Plan G a second look. You may find that you will save money in the long run by choosing it instead. You don’t lose much coverage with it, and it tends to be far more affordable.


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compare medicare supplement plans 2017